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Light, Life, Love - Sept. - Oct. 2018

Pastor Jon

Sept. 16th (Part 1):  Audio  | Notes | Bulletin

Sept. 23rd (Part 2): Audio | Notes | Bulletin

Sept. 30th (Part 3): Audio | Notes | Bulletin

Oct. 7th (Part 4):  Audio  | Notes | Bulletin

Oct.. 14th (Part 5): Audio | Notes | Bulletin

Oct. 21st - Special Service | No Audio | Bulletin

Oct. 28th (Part 6): Audio | Notes | Bulletin

Nov. 4th - Special Service, No Media Available

Missional Living

Pastor Jon

Marriage Lifecycle

Pastor Jon

The Christian Lifecycle

May/June 2018 - Pastor Jon

Holiness for Ordinary People

April/May 2018 - Pastor Jon

Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday 2018 - Pastor Jon

Easter Weeks


In the history of the world, there has never been a more important, influential, and polarizing person than Jesus Christ. In the Seven, we’ll explore the seven reactions of seven ancient churches that sit in ruins today—and discover what we as the church today can learn from Jesus’ words to those churches in the book of Revelation.